April 19, 2012

Agon: The Mysterious Codex

Agon: The Mysterious Codex
FREE DOWNLOAD LAPTOP | Agon is an adventure game that consists of 14 episodes. You can travel to exotic locations around the world, you can get to know village people, urban societies, their cultures, ways of life and their board games from the previous century.Our hero, a middle-aged professor from the British Museum, embarks on a journey after finding a mysterious anonymous letter, a few torn codex pages and an unknown artifact. His travels take him to 12 corners of the world, where he has to learn the rules of a long-forgotten board game, and has to remove the spell of the families who guard the games, finally he has to return the board games to humanity; he has to exhibit them in the museum.To find the keepers of the games and the rules is not an easy task, but the information that comes into his possession in the process suggests a legend of horrible doom, and by this knowledge certain known goals become unclear...The environment of the AGON adventure game is well known to those who love the genre. The makers of the game put a great effort into applying the best traditions and present the game in a way that gamers can best submerge into it. With the pre-rendered especially life-like environment, the 360 panoramic view and movies we can discover exotic places where we get to meet real-time 3D characters and special effects. Motion capture movement, the effects of natural phenomena, small animations and sound effects all add to the life-like background and the ever hardening puzzle and complex plot.

Hardware Requirements
Operating System: Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP
Processor: 800 Mhz Pentium® III or equivalent processor
Video Card: 32 MB DirectX® 8.0 Compatible 3D Video Card (GeForce2 or equal)
Processor: DirectX® Compatible Sound Card + Stereo Speakers

PART1  |  PART2  | PART3  |  PART4  |  PART5  |  PART6  |  PART7

password: Opus

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