December 12, 2012

A Note to Super Teacher

If you're a teacher then you probably how hard a job like that can be on your back. There is a lot of bending to help students, standing for hours at a chalk board or lecturn, or dozens of other tasks that may send you crying to the chiropractor. I have been a teacher before. I have taught everything from Sunday School to College classes and BOY! I do not miss the sore back! Here are a few tips that may help you out:

If you are helping a student at their desk then try squatting, kneeling or lunging next to the desk. This way you are able to keep your back straight and that is less stressful. When you keep your spine straight then your vertebrae stack on each other and the discs in between them deal with the force of gravity. When you are leaning over then your muscles and ligaments are trying to keep you up which can be stressful. Also this is good for the students. You get down to their level rather than looming over them which establishes a better rapport.

Wear comfortable shoes! This can make a HUGE difference in how your back feels. Avoid anything with an elevated heel or a narrow toe. Good shoes will allow your feet to help you maintain good posture and these muscles will help you balance too rather than overworking your low back muscles to keep you going.

Take some breaks. I don't mean that you need to hit the teacher's lounge for 15 minutes at a time. But when I was teaching I would stand and lecture for a while and then I would sit on a stool and lecture for a while. I would move around the room to allow my body a chance to move. So take frequent breaks from being stuck in the same position all day. When students are doing group work, individual work or between classes that is a good time to do some pain free range of motion stretches with the neck and low back. Bend forward, back, rotate side-to-side and lean to the sides avoiding pain. This keeps you from tightening up. I would even have my classes take a break sometimes and stretch with me. It is good to the students too!

These simple tips can help you have a happy and healthy school year. Your back will thank you and your students will too!

Dr. Jason Young, DC is the founder and chiropractor of Body of Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Corvallils, OR. At Body of Health we take normal people and make them feel extraordinary.

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