December 13, 2012

Animals Can Be Smarter Than Doctors

Animals seem to be intrinsically smarter than humans when it comes to knowing what to do when their body encounter a disease, sickness or injury. When they get sick or injured, they fast! They will find a safe place to hide, usually near a water source, and do nothing but rest, sleep and drink water. To put it another way, they fast and give their body a chance to heal and repair itself.

This brown bear ate poisoned meat that was left by an illegal trapper or poacher yet he survived by fasting for 37 days. The bear drank only water during this period of time and when he finally resumed eating, he chose berries, not meat, in order to slowly acclimate his digestive system to solid foods, avoiding shock to the digestive organs.

Animals Can Be Smarter Than Doctors

Most disease and sickness is directly or indirectly related to the quantity and quality of the water they drink. Many diseases are a result of the body being starved of enough water. When this happens, the body cannot function properly such as supplying blood, lymph, digestive juices and lubricants. In addition, certain vital organs rob water from other less vital organs, putting them at risk. If this condition is not corrected, serious consequences can occur, including organ failure.

This author doesn't just write about distilled water and its relationship to health and fasting, he has drank over a gallon per day and fasted once or twice a year for a minimum of 21 days for over 40 years. That's over 16,000 gallons of Distilled water and over 800 days without food... and haven't died an early death yet.

Unlike humans, animals will instinctively go without food, fasting when overcome with sickness or serious injury. To support a fellow wounded member of a herd or pack, unlike humans, animals will instinctively go without food or fast, when overcome with sickness. To support a fellow wounded member of a pack or herd, deer and wolves have been known to go without food for weeks to give support. In addition to animals, even infants and small children subjected to sickness or injury are influenced by their God-given instinct to fast all food which aids in and accelerates healing.

My wife Alice and I have supplied our cat "Beanie" with distilled water since she was weaned and as a consequence, she has never been sick or been to a vet other than to get spayed. She is over 19 and still chases her tail and will race at full speed from one end of the 40 foot motor home to the other and doing back flips off the couch. Our friends think it's a miracle and others that have not known Beanie since she was a kitten, think we are senile or suffer from mild Alzheimer's. You can imagine how startled we were when she stopped eating a couple of months ago. I realized she must have been poisoned or contracted a serious intestinal ailment. Beanie slept continuously for about 10-12 days and would only get up to make it over to her distilled water or litter box.

One day she suddenly let us know in no uncertain term she was ready to eat! Her regular food? No, she wanted pureed watermelon and cantaloupe, the center pulp and seeds of a cucumber and licked only the gravy from her "Fancy Feast" The following day she started eating solid food. Animals appear to be smarter than people in this area, especially many doctors, for they would simply medicate the symptoms, definitely not prescribe a fast.

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