December 30, 2012

Benefits Of Exercise On Your Beauty

You can stay glowing and beautiful in a far easier and cost effective way. Thoughts about botox, silicon implants or a cosmetic surgery can be trashed. Exercises leave you feeling breathless but your body and senses are refreshed. Spending endless money for instant beauty is not at all beneficial. Exercising is the most beneficial way of treating your body and satisfying beauty needs.

Exercising revitalizes your senses and its other effects include clear complexion, blemish-free skin, zero wrinkles and healthy, strong hair. It is an easy way to improve your blood circulation to the extreme areas such as fingers, nails and toes. Not only circulation, your body strengthens its respiratory system as well.

So, to look beautiful you need to put on your exercise gear and work up a sweat!

For your hair

Exercise promotes blood flow to scalp and hair. This promotes the supply of nutrients in the blood stream to hair follicles. Good nourishment would improve hair growth and keeps your scalp healthy. With proper exercise, hairs are nourished due to oxygen-rich blood flow which rushes the anti oxidants to the scalp to destroy free radicals before they damage your hair. This also prevents pore clogging. An extra benefit is that when you exercise outdoors, your hair can develop few sunlit streaks for a natural highlighted effect.

Glowing skin

Exercising also promotes blood flow to your skin surface. Essential nutrients are supplied which in turn keeps your skin glowing. Working out also makes you perspire which promotes the removal of toxins to impart a healthy glow.

Wrinkle lift

Exercise is a great enemy of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. The production of collagen (a protein that supports the structure of your skin) is improved. Working out strengthens the muscles underneath the skin and thus the skin turns healthier. The strength of the muscles adds support to the skin making it look more elastic and firmer.

Acne prevention

You can control the over production of sebum that clogs the pores through exercising. Acne is generally caused due to excess release of sebum from certain hormones such as testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol. Exercising relieves you from stress and thus lowers cortisol levels in blood. Additionally the perspiration cleans out the pores and removes dead skin cells and chemicals that build up with time. The toxins are flushed out which cures existing acne and stops any further accumulation of unwanted particles on skin.

For your breasts

The most appropriate exercise for improving the appearance of your breasts is swimming. In case you lack a swimming pool you must try some effective exercises which would strengthen your pectoral muscles. Working out with free weights in your hands keeps the muscle under breast tissue toned. A consistent working out schedule also reduces your chances of breast cancer as much as by 33%. Exercising makes your bosom look fuller and thus improves your beauty appeal.

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