December 23, 2012

Best Way to Stay Young

Everybody desires the ability to stay young all their lives. Although getting old is inevitable people can nowadays age gracefully without having to deal with the complications that old age brings. Staying young for long can be achieved with a good diet and having plenty of exercise. Although it takes a lot of things to age gracefully here are some 10 ways to stay young that have been know to work since time immemorial;

1) Laugh a lot

This is perhaps the best way to stay healthy and look younger. Statistics show that people who laugh a lot look younger compared to their age mates who do not. Laughing adds life to your years by helping you exercise your diaphragm and organs. Did you know that laughing a lot can also help you lose weight? Laughing helps a person to burn a lot of calories. It is a good way to staying healthy and younger.

2) Always keep learning

Being open minded and ready to learn will not only keep you young but make you more active in life. As people grow older their ability to learn new things becomes impaired due to the notion that old people like their comfort zone and are not comfortable embracing unfamiliar things. Being able to learn new things makes your brain sharper thus keeping you younger.

3) Stress less

Stress kills many people through out the world. Stress can be linked to some of the major mental diseases bedeviling a lot of people in the world today. Stressed people age a lot faster than their not so stressed counterpart. Although it is impossible to avoid stress completely it is often a very god idea to look for ways of reducing your stress. This will really keep you younger for longer.

4) Forgive often

Bitterness has a way of holding onto people and making them grouchy and hard to get along with. Indeed people who are bitter with life find it hard to forgive and thus carry a lot of baggage with them. Forgiveness frees our spirit and makes us able to move on more freely. People who have gotten the secret of forgiveness are happier with themselves and content. Forgiveness makes you younger.

5) Be free spirited

People who are free spirited not only live longer but are also healthier and younger. Do not let society limit you always try out things that interest you no matter what people say.

6) Play with the younger ones

Nothing makes you feel younger than running around with little kids. If you are getting old playing with your kids not only keeps you fit but it also makes you younger and more energetic.

7) Be imaginative

Little kids have no problem letting their creativity and imagination grow wild. It is this element that keeps people younger for a long time. People who age faster luck that imagination that keeps their minds sharper and more creative. Indeed people with a healthy imagination age gracefully.

8) Having a good sense of humor

Humor is priceless. Have you ever noticed that people with a good sense of humor tend to look younger and healthier? Humor has away of lighting peoples lives making them happier and content.

9) Age is just in your mind

When it comes to getting old age is nothing but a number. Age is a state of mind that makes people either feel younger or older. Changing your attitude towards getting older and realizing that age is nothing but a number will make you feel a lot younger.

10) Always be active

Being activity keeps your body in perfect shape thus making you able to perform tasks other people may find it hard to do. Keeping active will ensure your body has the energy necessary to keep you going at all times.

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