December 31, 2012

Choose A Hair Colour To Suit Your Skin Tone

When you feel like a change and a new outfit just won't cut it, the first place most people look to is their hair. Cuts and styles are one thing, but what you need to really make a difference, especially with a change of seasons, is a brand new colour giving you a huge boost in confidence. Dying your hair and the tone or colour that you should choose depends on a number of factors. You've got to think about everything from the season, the style and the cut to your skin tone. The right colour can make your eyes, your clothes and your smile pop while the wrong colour can look dull, strange or even just downright unattractive!

Picking the colour for you

Not sure what hair colour is going to suit you? It's a good idea to talk with your hairstylist about what it is exactly that you want, but not before you have a few ideas of your own!

Read on for some ideas on colours and what will suit your skin tone.

Match the tone to your skin

It's important to take a look at your own skin tone and decide what hair colours will be suitable. Those with fair skin will want to avoid blacks and colder colours on the spectrum, as they tend to make the skin look washed out and pale while those with darker skin, by the same token, tend to look better with darker tones.

This doesn't mean you can't have the colour you want, but rather you might want to limit yourself on how far across the tone spectrum you go.

Tanned Skin

Cooler hair colours tend to look far more natural when you have tanned or olive skin, while light blondes can look fake and tend to contrast too much. Colours with a lot of reds in them look great and there's nothing better than a dark, rich brown. Black hair can also look stunning if your skin is dark enough.

Fair Skin

The whiter the skin the better lighter tones tend to look. Golden blonde, lighter browns and even a splash of red can look absolutely amazing. Be wary that lightning does tend to damage the hair more than going darker though as the bleaching agents strip away essential nutrients from each strand.

Look great during summer or give yourself the confidence boost that you need with the perfect new colour in your hair.

Discuss your hair colour questions with the team at Loaf Salon today.

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