December 19, 2012

Getting Back on Your Feet With Total Knee Replacement

If you suffer from certain disabilities, such as osteoarthritis within your knees, having a total knee replacement can be an effective way of regaining much of your mobility. This surgery has proven to be very safe and very effective at correcting problems.While total knee replacement might be a big step toward improving someone's quality of life, it is also a very expensive procedure. The average cost right now is around $15,000. For those people who want to improve their mobility and have severe knee problems, however, this cost might very well be worth it.

Still, this surgery is extremely popular. In the U.S., about 600,000 of these procedures take place each year. That's about $9 billion generated annually-not a small number by any measure. The success of this type of surgery has increased quite a bit over the years, and the business of total knee replacements is still growing. This is thanks in part to a growing senior population and the increased liveliness of this population, as well. Thanks to better technology and better healthcare practices, people are living longer lives that ever before. It only makes sense that this part of the population will want to continue their active lifestyles. If total knee replacement can remedy this problem, it is a very worthwhile investment.

Of course, surgery is not for everyone. The very old and the very ill are going to be at a larger risk of complications after they have a surgery, so unless the need is dire, this type of surgery might be best avoided. For other people, especially those who want to have active lives, this surgery can be a big success.

The bottom line is that this surgery is extremely effective in the vast majority of cases. The people who have knee replacements are able to do things that they might not have been able to do for years. Plus, as healthcare practices become better, the recovery time for this surgery is minimal. People can be back on their feet sooner than ever before with today's practices. There is, however, an increased risk of readmission into the hospital if patients try using their new knees too much too soon. Medicare has incentives for short initial hospital visits for procedures like this-this is not necessarily a good thing for patients. So while patients are recovering quicker, they also need to be very aware of the fact that they can have complications if they push themselves a few days too early. If you are going to have this surgery, you definitely need to be aware of this fact.

Knee replacement surgery is a great way to regain a healthy and active lifestyle. This will give people plenty of incentive to start exercising more frequently, and this is definitely a great way for elderly folk to take charge of their health. Make sure you know all of the risks and the rewards for having such a surgery before you agree to go under the knife, however.

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