December 26, 2012

Gunnar Glasses Features

Gunnar glasses are not prescription glasses and they are not sun glasses. They are designed for people who view a type of digital monitor or computer screens for extensive periods of time throughout the day. And what are they supposed to do?

They are supposed to greatly reduce the eye strain and suppress any type of blurriness that creates a lack of focus from viewing a computer screen for a long time. 
But you can also make a special order on these glasses and receive a prescription for them.

Now I would really like to share my point of view about the features of these glasses. Here's a few of these features:

Increase in contrast and resolution
Reduction in glare and reflections
Decrease in eye strain and dry eye
Increase in effectiveness, productivity and performance
Sharpens detail - enhances detail for sharper, clearer vision
Ergonomic fit - lightweight frame and adjustable nose pads for comfort and style

Let's get started with the contrast and the resolution. Contrast, in visual perception of a person in the real world is determined by the difference in the color and brightness of the object and other objects in the same range of sight. Because a person's visual perception is more sensitive to contrast than luminance, we can perceive the world similarly, regardless of the changes in illumination over the day or from place to place.

Now regarding resolution, the display resolution of a display device such as a computer screen is a number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. Now you would most definitely benefit from improving these two features. Boost the contrast and power up you resolution.

Glare is difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light. Most of the video games today are glowing with visual effects. This means eye tiredness and harm to sight and you don't want that happening.

Now I cannot enunciate enough about this feature, which I personally believe it is the most important one. Gunnar glasses will decrease the eye strain and the dry eye symptom.

In time this will help you prolong the duration spent in front of your PC without causing much harm.

Now the detail sharpening thing is a feature that's worth mentioning. We all know how the graphics details have evolved, especially in the video gaming area. Imagine yourself after one hard mission in the virtual battlefield. You've won the level. And you end up on a sunny beach, the ocean at your feet, the golden sand also, you can walk in and out of the water as you choose.

Behind you there's this beautiful forest. The wind is blowing through the leaves. And in the middle of the beach there's this chair with an umbrella. A cocktail is waiting for you and a laptop on the little table by your cozy chair. You press the power button and you get the details of your next mission. But hey! You still have time to finish your drink mate! I would definitely enjoy a sharper detail for that 5 minutes scenario.

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