December 27, 2012

How Safe Are Your Eyes From Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration is quite a scary term. Age-related macular degeneration, commonly known as AMD (or sometimes ARMD) is a fairly scary concept, as it is currently the leading cause of blind in the United States. This fast growing disease is rapidly becoming more of a problem than ever anticipated before as the rate of victims continue to grow. Probably the most unnerving fact about this disease is that it primarily attacks the central part of our sight-zone. There are a few different types of macular degeneration for you to be aware of, and ways in which you can help protect yourself as much as possible from any future manifestation. However if there you are currently experiencing any symptoms (like the ones listed below), please seek medical assistance at your earliest convenience, as they may be able to slow the process.

As can be expected, the onset of vision loss symptoms is typically age-related when it comes to macular degeneration. However, while the more common term is AMD (or age-related), many factors can cause the onslaught of macular degeneration. For instance, heredity also can play a major role in obtaining macular degeneration, as can lighter eye colors. Along with our genes, and growing older (which of course are two things we cannot control), there are aspects of your life that you can actively try to take charge in. The major reason for the attack on our vision, besides heredity and aging is health. It has been tested that obesity and inactivity are enormous risk-factors in losing sight through this disease. Many elements that affect one's weight also is a factor, as well as many outcomes of obesity. For instance smoking and high blood pressure both play major roles in obtaining this disease. In general we all know that staying healthy is usually best for us - in all aspects of life. So, do your best to ward off this vision-loss disease for as long as possible.

There are two main types of macular degeneration: wet MD (or "neovascular"), and dry MD (or "non-neovascular"). Dry macular degeneration is a bit less worrisome than wet; however this is because it is usually the beginning stages of the disease. Non-neovascular will usually come on pretty slowly - much slower than that of its counterpart: neovascular. Typically this disease targets the central vision area specifically. Therefore, again, if you are experiencing any vision-loss in the middle of your eyesight or seeing yellowish spots, you really should go get it checked quickly.

There are many things that you can try to do - or refrain from doing - in order to protect yourself from this disease, however it's not a guarantee that your efforts will work. Therefore, it's always best to at least be informed about the possibilities out there that can significantly affect your eyesight! Ultimately however, holding on to your vision as long as possible is the main key, so be sure to always see your eye doctors, obtain current and up-to-date prescription glasses, and if you ever experience any threatening exposure or optical concerns, consult a medical professional immediately. Unfortunately eye glasses can't protect us from everything, but at least they can help! So even if you don't need a prescription filled, invest in a good pair of computer glasses and protect your eyes!

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