December 10, 2012

How To Get Motivation To Lose Weight - Tips For Dads With A Spare Tire

Why is it so hard to find the motivation to lose weight even when you know you really should?Motivation is the key to weight loss success and this is what will help you keep going even on days when you're not feeling strong or a bit lazy. So, how do you get motivation to lose weight?

Find your strongest motivators and use them in your daily struggle to move your body, get exercise and change your eating habits. Ultimately that is what you have to do to lose weight.

Motivation Tip #1 - Set Your Goals

Trying to get motivation to lose weight without setting goals for yourself is a waste of time. Set your goal weight and your goal measures and imagine the feeling when you achieve these things. Don't set your goals too high, you should be able to get to them.

Just not tomorrow.

Motivation Tip #2 - Make a List to Tick Off

Get a pen and paper and write down all the new healthy foods you'd like to introduce to your household. Also go through your kitchen writing down all the things you know shouldn't be there.

Now here's what you do.

Every week you throw out something from that list and introduce something new to take the place of the old crap food. Tick off the list every week and notice how good it feels to tick of things on a list and see things happening.

Motivation Tip #3 - Celebrate Success

Lost a few pounds? Really sticking to your weight loss program and meal plan? Celebrate your success mid-way. Go out for beers and cigars with your buddies if that what you really like.

One day of cheating won't kill you! Actually I suggest that you take one day out every week to go a bit crazy and eating (almost) anything you want.

Motivation Tip #4 - Book Your Calendar

Commit fully and book time with yourself for exercise. Make these hours sacred and do not trade them away for anything else. Chose days in the week and times in the day when it is possible for you to workout.

Motivation Tip #5 - Do Less Not More

Doing something is far better than doing nothing. Keep your motivation up by making small progress instead of trying to it all at once. Great achievements comes from many small steps that are easier to take just because they are just that, smaller.

There you have it. 5 motivation tips that you can use to get motivated today. Choose the ones that you know you could use and stick with and make sure you start using them right away.

Max J Miller is the father of 2 kids and a health and fitness enthusiast. An ordinary guy trying to stay in shape and teach my kids what's healthy and the things to eat to make your body feel good.

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