December 19, 2012

How To Stop Blushing

So, you want to learn how to stop blushing is it? Keep reading and you'll find the solution that you seek. Everyone, at one moment or another, has blushed and that's okay because there's nothing wrong with blushing. Perhaps you were watching a film when something inappropriate happened that you weren't expecting or, if you're a lady, someone you highly respect paid you a compliment that caught you off guard. It happens. Don't put too much thought into it. It's a natural physiological response that can be triggered by many factors. However, if you're that bothered by it and are determined to learn how to stop blushing then you need to understand that there are two main causes. Namely: emotions and/or diseases and disorders.

Let's start with emotions. A person can blush when they're either: embarrassed, ashamed, angry or even excited. In this instance, the brain communicates by sending signals to the tiny muscles in the blood vessels on your face, which are usually constricted, telling them to relax which in turn allows more blood to flow to your face causing the bright red or pink tinge. So, how do you stop this? The answer is you can't. This is an involuntary response that, once it is triggered, has to play out its course. In other words, you can't stop a blush once it comes on. The only thing you can do is control it. The best way to do this is by deploying diversional thinking. This means that you focus your mind on something other than what is triggering the blush. This will cause the blush to subside much more quickly.

Blushes can also be caused by diseases and disorders. For instance, some people blush because they suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Blushing is the norm to these individuals especially if they're put on the spot in social gatherings or caught off guard in a social setting. So, can these individuals learn how to stop blushing? The only way out for those suffering from SAD is to seek cognitive behavioral therapy to flush out the underlying cause of anxiety that cause their blushing episodes.

Still on illnesses, excessive blushing can be associated with disorders like: carcinoid syndrome, rosacea, fever and even symbolize the onset of menopause. If you don't suffer from social anxiety disorder then you should consult with your physician to rule out any of the mentioned disorders. If blushing does symbolize your entry into a new stage of life i.e menopause then take solace that the condition will last for a short while before vanishing on its own.

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