December 17, 2012

Losing Weight During Pregnancy

In the old days, doctors said that losing weight during pregnancy was a bad idea, because it was important to maintain weight for the health of the baby. More recent research has shown that is not true. In fact, losing weight can even make your baby healthier and lead to an easier pregnancy for you, if you do it correctly.

Now, before you run out to do a 6-mile jog during your third trimester with no prior exercise, the first person you should talk to about this is your OB/GYN. She will be able to evaluate your current situation and help you figure out whether losing weight is a good idea for you. If you are overweight, compared to where you should be, then the doctor will probably help you put together a plan. If you are not overweight, though, do not let your personal anxieties overcome the advice of your doctor.

Go visit a nutritionist at least once a month to put together the right nutrition plan for your baby -- and for your weight loss. There are some key nutrients that fetuses and babies need, and you don't want to jeopardize your little one's health by accidentally cutting out the wrong nutrients. Get the right information for your case before you start picking out parts of your diet to eliminate.

Low-impact exercises are safer for pregnant women than high-impact ones. This is where exercises like swimming and yoga can make a difference. Not only will your flexibility improve, particularly with yoga, but you will become stronger throughout your body -- a trend that will definitely help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Keep an eye on your weight -- but don't let it control you. Your weight has always been just a number for you to look at -- when you're pregnant, there are so many factors that will push that number a pound or two either way, maybe even four or five pounds. So after you've done a hard workout and still gained weight the next day, do not freak out. You're getting healthy for the long-term.

You may find out that your weight loss plan is doing more harm than good. You're just not getting the nutrients, or you can't get up at 5:00 in the morning and go to the gym every day. You may also find that getting exercise is cutting into your sleep pattern, and so you are suffering on that end. There's no reason why you can't modify your plan, or even cut it out altogether.

Women have run marathons in their second trimester. This is not recommended for most young mothers, but if you are already incredibly fit, then that is something to shoot for.

Are you obese and pregnant? Then there is no reason for you not to consider weight loss during pregnancy. Both you and your little one will benefit from the health changes that follow the adoption of an exercise regimen. Your baby will thank you in later life for starting him out so healthy.

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