December 11, 2012

My Top 11 Best Health and Well-Being Thoughts for 2012

We've occupied this planet for some estimated 2.5 million years. In that time, we've accumulated a mass of information about our condition. Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of material and advice about losing weight, losing fat, slimming down - a condition that has a hugely negative impact on the lives of many of us living in the West.

The combined intellect of our scientists has given us new technologies and farming methods. These farming methods coupled with distribution practices make food available cheaply and in abundance. With food available cheaply and conveniently, and at low prices, we take advantage. Doing so make us feel we are living the life we were meant to live. We accept the messages from experts who appear to have our best interests at heart.

Yet more and more of us are getting fatter than ever before and dying earlier that we should. This is due in part to us being ignorant about what we eat and the part it plays in our overall health. It is also due in part to the creativeness of the manufacturers and local shops that present us with visually appealing products and smells. This makes it increasingly difficult to not want to partake of the great-looking lovely-smelling food.

Everyone else is clearly enjoying that food so why not you - you ask yourself? After all, you're not a monk! "You're so worth it" - aren't you.

However, many of you are realising that the messages are not always in our interests. The messages are commercially driven with you being the currency. They come at your expense. It is a battle for your wallet from all quarters, often to your detriment.

Now more of us want to lose weight or get slim - we all want rid of the excess fat we are carrying - because we no longer like the way we look, we can't do the things we used to, yet we're not yet old. We want to pay the price while we can.

With health and well-being in mind, therefore, here is my list of 11 weight-loss thoughts that I want to share with you. Assimilate them and make this year better than the last.

1. "You are what you think, wear, eat, feel, save, consume and spend" 
2. "It's not by eating fat that you get fat - skip the low-fat nonsense" 
3. "Food is medicine - but you don't need it all" 
4. "Laugh more, live longer" 
5. "Moan less about people and feel better about yourself" 
6. "There really is no need to have the last word in a conversation" 
7. "Don't try to change people or teach them a lesson - change yourself if necessary" 
8. "Weight loss doesn't require exercise, but exercise helps longevity and makes you feel great" 
9. "Slim down. Eat sugar, get fat, die young - you decide." 
10. "Your food universe should be Eggs, berries, nuts, meat, fruit, fish, seeds, vegetables, water, fungi and leafy plants" 
11. "There is no saviour to save you from yourself - cut sugar, eat everything else sparingly!

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