December 28, 2012

Save Money at Spas Using a Few Unique Methods

Not everyone has the money to visit spas at any time. The good news is that there are some ways to either save cash on every visit or even get services for free. You should find out some ways to get discounted or free treatments at spa locations near you.

Many spas regularly run contests in which they give out free or cheap services if you win. In many cases, all you have to do is enter a raffle, which means your name could be drawn at random. You should find out if your local spa offers this kind of contest. There may also be contests in which you have to do something special to enter, such as send in a picture of yourself getting pampered at the location you usually go to. Your name might then be drawn at random, or the contest might be judged by employees or other clients. Just find out the details of any contests you enter, and then find out what the prizes are if you win.

Most spas also offer gift certificates for services, so if you have a birthday coming up, you can ask for this as a present from loved ones. You can usually combine a few certificates to pay for the services you want, so even if you get several small denominations, you may be able to get an entire day of pampering without spending anything outside of a tip. Of course, your friends and family members may opt to go with you to the spa, and simply pay for the service you want. This can provide both a fun experience and free treatments of your choice. Just be sure your loved ones know this is what you want.

You can always choose the traditional route of using coupons or taking advantage of new customer discounts at local spas. Check your mail, newspaper, or the website of the spa you like, since coupons and special deals will usually be posted there. Even getting a small percentage or a few bucks off a treatment can make your day, since every dollar counts when you are trying to save money. This is especially helpful if you go often, since the money you save will add up fast.

Even if you are on a budget, you may still be able to get the services you have always enjoyed. Just consider these and similar ways to reduce the amount you spend getting pampered. It might require some hinting to loved ones, or some hunting for contests and coupons, but the result should be worth the work.

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