December 14, 2012

What Does Full Field Resurfacing Do And How Does It Work?

Fine lines, age spots and wrinkles are all caused due to exposure to the sun and also due to exposure to pollutants in the air. As we grow older, these effects become more pronounced and noticeable, sometimes making us look older than we really are. While regular skin care, use of moisturizers and other salon treatments can help slow down the process to a certain extent, it cannot erase out all the signs completely. Full field resurfacing is an innovative laser treatment that can help diminish these lines, spots and wrinkles and make your skin look smoother and more youthful.

What Skin Conditions Can Laser Resurfacing Treat?

This procedure can be used to successfully treat most signs of aging as well as other skin irregularities. This includes:

• Eliminating fine lines 
• Diminishing or eliminating deep wrinkles even in areas that are otherwise hard to treat including the eyes area and around the mouth 
• Smoothening crow's feet around the eyes 
• Erasing brown aging spots 
• Evening out splotchy skin colorations 
• Smoothening out smoker's lines 
• Tightening eyelid skin 
• Enhancing overall tone and texture of the skin 
• Reducing scar marks

What To Expect During The Procedure

When you go in for a laser resurfacing treatment, your skin will first be assessed to determine the extent of the treatment that needs to be done. Just before the procedure, the area of the skin to be treated will be cleansed thoroughly. The procedure is then carried out using a laser beam that is emitted from a computer controlled appliance.

One of the biggest concerns most people have about laser treatments is the pain factor. Does it pain or doesn't it? It really depends on your comfort level and pain threshold. While some individuals do not need anything more than a topical anesthetic, others may require a subcutaneous local anesthetic along with the topical.

What To Expect After The Procedure

Immediately after a full field resurfacing treatment, your skin will feel like it does after a sunburn - red and slightly swollen. There will also be some discomfort. There's nothing alarming about these effects. They are normal and to be expected. The amount of time it will take to heal completely depends upon the depth of the laser treatment that you underwent. Usually, it takes about a week for the surface layer of the skin to grow back and for you to be able to see the improvements in your skin.

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