December 13, 2012

Why Do Obese People Gain Weight After Dieting?

It is no secret that weight loss is not a walk in the park. Losing weight can be very difficult, especially for people who are obese. But just because something is difficult, does not mean you shouldn't do it; it just means you have to exercise your will power and mental faculties just as much as your body.

One reason that weight loss can be so hard for the obese is that it is often temporary; in other words, weight gain after weight loss is very common. In fact, health and wellness researchers estimate that around 80% of obese people who lose weight gain some, all or more back.

What are hunger hormones?

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, hunger hormones play a large role in the weight re-gain. When you lose weight, your body's hunger hormones are disrupted. These hormones can remain in a state of unbalance for a year or more; when this happens, your appetite goes topsy-turvy and you can become hungrier than normal. These hormones, which are found in the gut and fatty tissue, can compel people to eat more and can make weight loss and maintenance difficult.

What is will power?

However, there is another factor that plays an important role, one that could trump even your hormones: willpower. One of the main reasons people who are obese gain weight after weight loss is that they fall into their old eating habits. Stress, work, and emotional factors often cause people to slip back into old eating habits or stop exercising. This is often a gradual development, but sometimes it can happen rapidly. Initial weight loss brings a lot of confidence, but it also breeds complacency. Little by little, people think that they can start integrating their old eating habits into the new healthy ones they have chosen. They begin to slack off on their exercise and here you have the recipe for weight gain: giving up on the new, healthy habits that re-shaped the old, unhealthy ones.

There are many things that can shake a person's sense of willpower, especially with regard to weight loss. This is why it is a good idea to get some guidance from a therapist, such as a hypnotherapist, who works specifically with willpower training and thought-pattern re-shaping. If you have struggled with obesity, then this is the best way for you to protect yourself against weight gain after all the hard work you put in to lose it.

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