January 4, 2013

America: Overweight and Sick? Simple Solutions

We have greater problems than the economy, which increased household income will not solve.Serious health problems & diseases can result from obesity and prolonged weight gain and it starts with our children. As a result of television and the advent of ever increasing electronic distractions, children and teenagers are becoming much more sedimentary in the past decade, resulting in obese or overweight kids. Today's American children have quickly won the title of histories most inactive generation when coupled with reduced programs evolving gymnastics and sports activities plus decreased funding or availability of local community recreation centers.

Obesity- number 2 cause of death (preventable death in America)
60 million Americans over age 20 are obese
9 million kids and teenagers are overweight

What used to be diseases found in obese adults such as diabetes, hypertension along with other over-weight and obesity related diseases, are now prevalent among American youth. The number of kids that are overweight or obese is reaching epidemic proportions. When the parents of these children are also overweight or obese and are so as a result of poor eating habits and are providing unhealthy food for their children the results are as you would expect. What good is providing Health Education for our children if the are going home at the end of the day to bad parental examples.

Further compounding the problem, many schools are still providing unhealthy lunches (in some cases, breakfast, lunch & dinner) in addition to providing soft drink and junk food vending machines with easy access.

America's Obesity Rates are of Epidemic Proportion with 58.5 million people overweight, 41 billion obese and over 3 million "morbidly obese" that boils done to 8 out of 10 Americans over 25 years of age are overweight! Since 1990, Type II diabetes has increased by over 75% and over 80% of Type II diabetes sufferers are obese and 70% of those have cardiovascular disease. If this isn't bad enough, over 40 of obese people contact breast and colon cancer, 30 % gall bladder surgery and over 25% have high blood pressure.

The costs of obesity related diseases alone are over taxing our Healthcare system: Endometrial cancer care is close to 1 billion dollars per year, colon cancer 2.8 billion, post-menopausal breast cancer 2.4 billion, heart disease 7 billion, Hypertention 3.25 billion, osteoporosis 17 billion and last but not least Type II diabetes 64 billion. That is a burden on taxpayers through Obama Care, of close to 100 billion dollars for obesity related healthcare costs and those costs are rising daily. I want to be responsible and liable for my own weight, not 90+ million other people munching on junk food and washing it down with soft drinks... a daily habit I to had to break! My hope and prayer is that even a few obese or overweight people will discover through this book that if I can do it, they can do it. It is a conscience decision that has to be made, especially for the sake of the children... adults should be held responsible!

These are not the only related costs of obesity related diseases, there are costs from loss of productivity: The loss of workdays- 40 million, physician office visits- 63 million, restricted activity days- 30 million, bed related days- 90 million

One of the major contributors to weight-gain is dehydration. Americans are not drinking enough water, but rather are quenching their thirst with soft drinks, Slurpees, fruit-flavored drinks, shakes, coffee, tea, beer, you name, everything but good clean pure, plain o'l healthy water. As a sad consequence, when their body starts crying for water, they mistake it for hunger, not thirst and head for the refrigerator or snack bar rather than the water bottle further compounding the problem of obesity or weight gain.

Water is vitally and critically important for all bodily functions. Many health experts relate continual dehydration to the majority of diseases. People who have a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of pure clean (preferably distilled or reverse osmosis) are rarely sick and their bodies can easily ward off disease and can readily metabolize fat and not store it. The body that is starved of adequate quantities of water will automatically start storing water as a survival reflex and that water is stored in fat cells. When the body is dehydrated, it stores fat rather than burn it!

Healthy food cost about the same as junk food, especially if you ad up what it cost to be sick and lose income!

Be healthier and live longer by simply cutting down on sugar and fat, eat more raw vegetables and fresh fruit and start drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water daily.

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