January 6, 2013

Energy Flow for Health and Longevity

This morning I got up and walked to the beach for a short Chi Gong workout.While working out the sensation of the Chi flowing up from the ground and out through my arms was so intense, it made me consider how much more powerful the flow of Chi is in me than it was thirty years ago.

The difference is practice.

When I first started I was first just going through the motions and thought I felt something.

Soon I had learned all the movements just like riding a bicycle and my focus moved to my breathing. A little while later my breathing was really turned on. The moving and breathing were all connected and one and I knew I was feeling the Chi.

Then I began to perfect the exercises my focus returned to the movements at a finite, I began to make them smooth like glass.

As I did this something amazing happened. Everything else dropped from focus. Now it was just the exercise happening.

I would quietly listen inside as the Chi was now moving the body, moving the breathing. It is so incredible and blissful that I am inside just as a presence listening to the flow of Chi. Anybody watching me from the outside just assumes I'm working out. But they have no idea that I am very deep in meditation. The flow of Chi is like a rushing river and I silently abide in the wondrous presence of it.

Then the exercise is done. I am changed, recharged, clear, empowered, and whole!

My body is changed too, just like getting plugged back into the original force of creation. This is the magic of Chi Gong and with proper instruction anybody can begin to feel this sort of power in there own life.

Imagine starting everyday plugging into a giant energy source- it changes the whole day. Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years and pretty soon you have filled your life with this amazing energy. I have witnessed with my own eyes people with terminal disease walk away from it and begin living a whole new life.

I have seen women step out of an emotionally toxic shell of poisonous fat and start living in the body they always wanted.

I have seen men who have given up on themselves regain their power and grow.

I have seen couples that could not create children all of a sudden sprout an entire family.

I have seen young children overcome disabilities both physical and mental and begin to shine.

I have seen so many things in my life as a energy healer I feel truly blessed and it is my life mission to share those blessings with everyone I meet.

The Recharging Chi Gong exercises focus on each of these different areas and the manual actually explains what's happening to you and the Chi while you practice.
Wishing you the best in Health, Wealth and Happiness,

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