January 1, 2013

Losing Weight With Friends

 Admit it. If you didn't have to exercise to lose weight, you probably wouldn't. It's work, and we have become a nation of slackers. However, for the body to be properly maintained, it has to be worked. It has to be exercised.

One of the top causes for people to give up on their exercise program is lack of motivation. So how can you get motivated to move? Exercise with your friends! Friends are one of the greatest motivators around.

Start a Diet Plan Together 
It's difficult to go to lunch with everyone when you are on a diet and they are not. All those lovely, unhealthy food items they eat make you rethink your diet. But you want to lose weight. You want to get healthy. How can you when everyone around is eating so poorly? Get them to join in. Make it a group effort. When there is group involvement, there is a higher chance for success. Group efforts keep everyone motivated and on track.

Exercise As A Team 
Humans tend to naturally work best in groups. We like to do things together, and exercise is no different. Enlist your friends to join you when you go for a walk. Invite co-workers to walk the stairs with you instead of taking the elevator. Ask your friends to park further out in the parking lot when shopping so you can exercise. Have friends join the same gym and set up a weekly exercise program. Friends are excellent motivators and will help keep you honest, and you them.

Weekly Check-Ins 
Set up a weekly meeting with your friends to track your progress. You can make a board to show your weight loss and exercise goals. Every week, check in with each other to monitor your progress.

You can even make it a contest. Some people are competitive by nature, so why not make it a contest? Set up a board to track the participants' weight loss and exercise goals. Each week, have all participants weigh in. After a set period of time, whoever has the greatest loss (or however you have it set up) is the winner. You can even make it worthwhile, and have participants donate a certain amount of money to go to the winner.

You Don't Have To Be Alone 
You don't have to be alone with your weight loss. In fact, people tend to be more successful when they include friends in their programs. The motivation and support garnered by tackling the issue with friends can mean greater weight loss for you and a healthy attitude all around.

While a healthy diet and regular exercise are the best ways to help you reach your target weight, sometimes they are just not enough. If you find that you are struggling to meet your weight loss goals, a natural weight loss supplement may be able to help. Natural weight loss supplements help to boost your metabolism by working with your body, and may help you to find success losing weight.

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