December 24, 2012

Discover Amblyopia In Adults Exercises - How-To Cure Lazy-Eye Forever

It is said that amblyopia affects around 3 to 5% of adults as well as children, in the world. Amblyopia or lazy eye as it is typically referred to as, is a very common eyesight disorder in children and is actually one of the primary reasons for monocular blindness in most adults. Lazy-eye is a pathological problem which means that the pathways between your eyes and the brain are not playing nicely together. That will leave you with a mild to severe vision reduction in the eye suffering from Amblyopia.

There are several causes of amblyopia in adults such as, strabismus, ( imbalance in the position in) myopia, (nearsightedness) hyperopia, (farsightedness) just to list a few. There are some very good amblyopia in adults exercises you can try, one of which is by wearing an eye patch on the eye that is not affected by amblyopia. As adults it will be a little more difficult to correct but all hope is not lost, you will still be able to correct your vision naturally with the use of these exercises, it just may take a little more work and time.

Amblyopia In Adults Eye Exercises

If you're like most people who are seeking natural vision remedies to improve their eyesight naturally you have been doing some research to find out how this is done. You have probably found quite a list of eye exercises to help you with your vision improvement. Even though there are a lot of eye exercises to help improve your vision naturally they are not yet recognized by eye care doctors of health insurance companies. They claim it's because there has not been any high-quality research done on this topic.

However, this is starting to change a study done in 2010 regarding current biology by a professor named Teng Leng Ooi has found that adults who use specialized amblyopia eye exercises to strengthen their eyes have actually seen quite an improvement in their eye affected by the amblyopia. And it is most likely effective in the treatment of a child dealing with amblyopia. Here are a couple of amblyopia in adults eye exercises you can try.

Push-Pull Exercises

Dr. Ooi and her associates have formulated eyesight strengthening exercises that they are calling "push-pull". It basically involves you setting up computer software, which will flash a visual cue to the lazy-eye, such as some objects like a square or triangle, and will show you two slightly altered images, one for each eye. For example, one will show some lines going up, and then they will present a picture of lines going horizontal. If research continues to develop on the software, it will most likely be made available to the public which is great news for us.

Video Game Exercises

Another eye exercise is the video game exercise. The study was performed in 2007 that suggests playing video games can help improve lazy eye. It is not all video games. However, but some video games appear to improve in patients suffering with amblyopia. The participants were much more willing to the treatment because they enjoyed playing video games.

Amblyopia In Adults Treatments

If you or a child is dealing with lazy eye and does not receive any treatment, you or the children usually well lose some of the vision in the eye that is affected, and it can actually become really serious if completely untreated, and may cause the eye to go absolutely blind. There are approved techniques of natural vision improvement through eye exercises. You can try placing an eye patch over the good eye to develop muscles in the eye with amblyopia. You can also try eye drops that contains something called atropine. Basically, what this does is blurs your good eye so your son or daughter is forced to use the lazy eye, Pretty much the same idea as the eye-patch. Personally, I've never tried the eye drops but from what I've read they tend to sting a little.

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