December 20, 2012

How To Get Rid of Cellulite - The Basics

Cellulite is a biological term used to describe the rippled appearance of skin caused by excessive deposits of fat on the body, especially in regions such as thighs, abdomen, belly and the pelvic region. The skin in these regions usually forms a dent, thereby giving the body a shapeless and an un-toned look. This phenomenon is not common amongst children and men but is experienced the most by women who have undergone puberty and other medical treatments such as hormonal intake and artificial fat supplements. In medical terms, cellulite is also termed as orange peel syndrome, hail damage and cottage cheese skin. The main factors that contribute to its causes are sedentary lifestyle, low-diet food, clothing, genetics, hormonal changes and lack of physical activities. However, even if cellulite is an outcome of natural body changes, you can effectively reduce it by following the methods listed below. This article will give you some tips and pointers on how to reduce cellulite.

Cellulite can be prevented by including lots of fiber, green vegetables and fruits in your normal diet. Fiber usually includes bread and oats, which reduce fat and other complications that arise through your high calorie diet. Fiber when dissolved with the intestinal juices produces chemicals and other enzymes that enable food to move through the intestines with great ease and efficiency. It also expands the walls of the colon or large intestine, which enables you to excrete food that is rich in fat and cholesterol. On the contrary, even green leafy vegetables and fruits prevent fat from expanding in the body. Moreover, fruits and vegetables produce certain enzymes that break down the fat deposits in your body.

Apart from having a healthy diet you must also exercise regularly. Exercising increases your metabolism and helps your body to simplify the fat deposits accumulated in your body. You can start by simple exercises such as swimming, walking, yoga, jogging, running and skipping. These exercises are not as difficult as they seem, but have proved to be of great benefit to the body. For lazy individuals, joining classes or exercise centers is highly recommended, since these classes sponsor regular and compulsory exercises sessions that keep the body fit in myriad ways. Moreover, these exercise centers also organize aerobic and yoga classes, that not only keeps the body fit but also ensures to keep the mind calm and healthy. However, it highly is recommended not to join gyms, since lifting weights that are too heavy can break collagen and muscle fibers in the body.

The next step is to massage your body once a month from nearby spas or parlors, or even from friends or spouses. Massage and its therapeutic effects are known for improving blood circulation, redistributing of fat and relieving stress and other complications. In order to have best results, you must get your body massaged with 100 % pure essential oils extracted from grapefruit and orange. Another method is to use massage lotions and knead the cellulite gently.

Lastly, brush or scrub your body to reduce cellulite. Purchase a bristled brush or scrubber and use it before you have your bath. It is highly recommended to scrub your body in warm shower, since warm showers increase blood circulation, thereby loosening the fat deposits. Hence, allowing your body to redistribute fat effectively.

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