December 18, 2012

Lose Weight With Slim Fast

Slim Fast is basically a drink that you use to replace meals so that you can lose weight. By swapping out a couple of your meals each day with Slim Fast, and eating smart and exercising, you can lose weight relatively quickly. There are many people who sing the praises of Slim Fast as part of a weight loss regimen, and you could become one of them.

Instead of eating a full breakfast and lunch each day, down a can of Slim Fast. It does not matter which flavor you choose; just pop open a can and drink it. It may seem unusual to substitute an entire meal with what is basically a shake in a can, but you will find that is filling, particularly if you drink it slowly and also have a glass of ice water with it.

As you go throughout the day, you will want to eat a couple of small snacks -- one between breakfast and lunch, and the other between breakfast and dinner. Now, these "snacks" should not consist of a cheeseburger and fries; instead, they should have healthy components -- fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, and other lowfat items. These snacks will help curb your hunger cravings throughout the day.

For your third meal of the day, you will want to eat a "sensible" dinner. This means that you will want to put together a healthy combination of carbs, vegetables and protein. The vegetables should take up about 50 percent of your plate, with the other half divided between the carbs and protein. Combined with the lower calories you are taking in with the shakes, you will see a major drop in caloric intake.

You will use a little bit of weight just through the changes to your diet. However, if you do not add an exercise program, your body will adjust to the lower caloric intake and simply slow down your metabolism -- and you won't lose any more weight. That will defeat the purpose of going to the program in the first place. Instead, make sure that you add some cardio and strength training to your new plan. Exercise will boost your metabolic rate, meaning that your body won't be able to slow down burning energy as easily. Strength training will create muscle -- and simply carrying muscle adds to the number of calories you burn each day. Cardio will boost your aerobic capacity, making it easier for you to keep exercising.

As with just about every other type of group, you can find support forums online for Slim Fast users. Here, you can talk to other people in the same boat as yourself and swap tips about sticking to the program. This way you won't have to feel like you are all alone.

If you want to lose weight without feeling like you never eat, mix in some Slim Fast with sensible dinners and a solid exercise regimen. You will still be able to eat your favorite foods, in moderation, and accomplish your goals for weight loss.

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