January 2, 2013

Aging Effects in Men

This article is about human aging (American English) or ageing (British English) effects. Human life is expected number of years and aging effects is a number of things or happening that have collected over a period of time in life. Aging is the process of growth in life and we calculate or measure by increasing the number of years. Aging effects appears on human body or inside the body. Our (human) bodies get different changes as through the life and growing older. The happening of these obvious and subtle changes in human body are natural process and certain to happen.

Scientific Study of Aging - Gerontology

Gerontology is the new scientific study of aging and its effects. The new scientific study of aging (gerontology) express, there are two major groups of aging theory. Acceding to gerontology the first group states that aging is a natural fact and programmed into the living organism. But the second group of aging theories describe that aging is a condition of damage or changes which are accumulated overtime.

Aging Effects in Men

Aging effects is associated with numbers of years in life and appears as through the life and growing older. The aging effects are happen in both sexes of human (male and female). But in this article we specifically talk about the aging effects in male (men). Men's young age is from 15 to 40 years of life. In this time frame of age a man perform his all activities very well. But after the age of 40 years the andropause has been started in men. Andropause is a menopause like condition in men and effect senior citizens. The process of andropause reduces the production of male hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrostrone that causing many disorders in men. Andropause directly effects men's sex drive and also causes changes in physiology. On the other hand after the age of 40 years in men, testosterone begins to dropping by 2% every year. In the age of 60 years, men become at below from the normal testosterone level. This is natural process and make a man cannot perform sexual activities.

Anti Aging supplement for Men - Ageless Male

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