January 2, 2013

Your Own Grand Final

September is Grand Final time in the Land of Oz where NRL and AFL players strive for their moments in the sun and fans reminisce about past glories, what could have been, the one that got away, and all that nostalgic nonsense. When the final siren sounds, that'll be it for another year. And by next week most of us will have forgotten the victors and all the hard-luck stories.

There is, however, another Grand Final that's far more important. It's our own Grand Final whose day-to-day focus is how to add years to our life and life to our years.

If I was your life coach, I'd recommend regular doses of a pill containing the 5Fs. And unlike the type served-up to footballers, this is a pill you don't have to take: it's nil-by-mouth.

The 5Fs are Food, Fitness, Friendship, Future, and Finance. Other things being equal, a combination of these special qualities will lead to a longer, better life. All that we have to do is ACT. As WIll Rogers said, 'Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there'.

Food (diet) and Fitness (staying active) receive most of the airplay. After all, watching what we eat, keeping ourselves fit, and maintaining other interests, ensures that we won't sit around and start dying. There are, however, other key essentials.

Take, for example, Friendship. The importance of friendship is not a recent addition to Grand Final preparations. A couple of thousand years ago, Epicurus (c. 306 BCE) observed, 'Of all the things that wisdom provides, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship'. And Aristotle (350 BCE) emphasized the importance of friendship, calling it 'the highest goal of mankind' and stressed the need to work at developing and enhancing it.

Then there's the need to have a Future. Studies (The Berlin Aging Study) and stories (Viktor Frankl's survival in the Nazi death camps) of longevity and survival illustrate the importance of having something to look forward to. It's like Eleanor Roosevelt said, 'When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die'.

And then there's Finance. Rousseau drew attention to what most of us realise: wealth is not a question of having lots of money; it's about having what we want. The 'Rule of 17' is just one of many useful 'tools' that can help to free us of any financial hassles. [If, for example, you plan to spend $100,00-per-year in your retirement, the Rule of 17 says you will need $1,700.000 (17 X $100,000). And if you plan to generate the $100,000 annually, you need to invest your $1,700,000 at 5.88% (1/17 X 100).]

If you are going to win your Grand Final, it's essential that the 5Fs feature as a part of your preparations. The paradox is, however, that even those participants in the footy Grand Finals will have to adhere to the 5Fs in their individual pursuits of longevity and life quality.

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