January 4, 2013

Fasting: The Key To Longevity

 Man's greatest fear is dying and especially prematurely in regards to an accident or disease. And the second greatest fear and dread is to become totally dependent upon others through old age and sickness such as dementia or Alzheimer's. Health experts are discovering that one of the greatest common denominator's for most diseases and sickness is the quality and quantity of the water we drink. The greatest discovery in regards to long-term health is the rejuvenating effects on man physically, mentally and spiritually through fasting using pure clean water purify through reverse osmosis or distillation.

Our bodies greatest challenge and struggle is dealing with the toxic debris and wastes in our environment in addition to trying to metabolize today's over-processed, de-mineralized foods laden with preservatives, artificial chemicals and exorbitant amounts of sugar and salt. Struggle, of processing or metabolize this food and turning in it to energy and separating out toxins, chemicals, waist material and pollutants and trying to eliminate all of these from the body requires great amounts of energy. If you are not supply your body with enough water many short-term and long-term problems can occur. The process of digesting and assimilating nutrition and eliminating waste involves four major organs of elimination, which require large quantities of water to stay supple and function properly:
  • bowels
  • kidneys
  • lungs
  • skin
An incredible amount of energy is required to process a meal passing it through the gastrointestinal tract with all of the functions involved to extract nutrients and then passing it on for elimination by way of the 30 feet of piping that runs from the mouth to the rectum. And more energy is required to:

pass liquids through the kidneys purification process.
for the chemical processes involved in the liver and gallbladder in preparing the nutrients for delivery to every cell of the body.
for the lungs to provide oxygen to the blood and expel carbon dioxide and times.
the skin requires the largest share of water since it is the largest organ in the body with 100 million ports to expel toxins and respiration which results in cooling the body as the perspiration evaporates.

Energy is needed in the process of reading the body of a toxins created while metabolizing food and in the process of maintaining our body temperature at 98.6° a fever is the result of our body temperature rising above the normal temperature of 98.6 and many times a fever occurs for the purpose of learning up and fleshing out toxins.

In addition to dehydration, our toxic environment is the biggest culprit responsible for much sickness and disease. Humans are inundated with noxious fumes and toxic filth from our skies alone the average large city produces 20 - 30 tons of airborne particles per square mile per month. Smog alerts are a common occurrence in most large cities which contain industry, both small and large. As a result, the cities have a greater occurrence of deadly lung diseases and heart problems from continually reading highly polluted air. Unfortunately, polluted air in the form of small is not restricted to large metropolitan areas, and is affecting the Grand Canyon and killing trees in our forests including the beloved, irreplaceable giant redwoods.

Drinking plenty of clean healthy purify water such as our own or distilled along with an annual or semiannual fast will not only help keep the body clean and help it stave off sickness and disease it will most assuredly prolong your life.

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