January 4, 2013

Keeping In Shape For A Healthy And Happy Life

No invention of man can equal the work of nature in building the human body. Bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves determine how individuals walk while their brains and other organs handle thoughts and bodily functions. The life expectancy of man over the years has changed from 45 years to over 90. This is because they have learned how to properly care for this great gift.

The spine is a very important part of the body. It is what allows a person to stand upright, turn, twist, and so forth. The legs and arms are connected to the spine and all are supported with muscles, ligaments, and nerves. To keep the body flexible and in good condition it is necessary to have a program that will keep it healthy as well as make it stronger.

Exercise is normal for a child. When watching them run, jump, twist, and do hundreds of other things that very few adults can do, it can be very inspiring. As age progresses, however, a person tends to resort to more sitting or slow walking which allows the body to recede from its former fitness.

Today there are exercises designed for all ages that allows the development of a routine that not only helps maintain strength and good health, but also diminishes stiffness and joint pain. To have a good exercise program it is not essential an individual go to a gym or have a grinding workout. There are programs that can be developed naturally and are specifically targeted toward improving and maintaining good body health.

These exercises are broken down into range-of-motion, endurance, and strengthening. The strengthening exercises are in two categories; weight-bearing and resistance. Weight-bearing exercises can easily be done by people of any age and can actually be a program that is personally enjoyed rather than one that is forcibly endured.

Many people have an activity they enjoy such as walking, dancing, hiking, golf, and so forth. These are weight-bearing exercises since the duration, intensity, and amount of the activity strengthens the bones over time. The best part about this kind of exercise is that individuals have fun doing it.

In life, a person only gets one body. As a rule it is arrives in good shape and it is just a matter of putting the feet on the ground and taking off. However, it is necessary, as individuals grow older to continue resistance training exercises if they to keep a body that is strong and healthy and all-together is built to last.

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