December 10, 2012

Easy Ways To Burn More Calories

Losing weight is simple if you know how. You don't need a gym membership to get a magazine cover body. You can go to the gym 7 days a week and sweat your butt off but if you're still eating the same old stuff then you will see little to no change in your physique. We lose weight by burning calories, the thing is you can have 2000 calories from sweets and 2000 calories from chicken. If you're eating lots of fatty foods then you have to do 3 times as much work to burn it off. You want to change your diet so that you consume good calories and not fatty calories. This way you won't have to burn as many calories to start seeing your belly or butt shrinking, as you food intake is of clean healthy foods resulting in less fat consumption. Many people drastically reduce their calorie intake to lose weight and yeh, you will but your energy levels will be super low and your body will think you're starving, putting you in survival mode which holds on to fat. The other side effect is that the initially starving will mean you will binge when you can't take it no more and the weight just piles back on. Here are some ways you can burn more calories whilst still getting your daily required amount.

Eat a clean healthy diet, increase your vegetable and fruit consumption and also cut your carbs and replacing simple carbs with complex carbs such as brown rice and whole meal pasta. This will make your weight loss goals easy as your not fighting against the fat you're currently consuming now.

Eat 6 small meals a day and don't skip breakfast. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism, the earlier you get that going the earlier you'll be burning calories. Eat 6, small, clean, meals keeps your metabolism firing throughout the day.

Drink more water. Seriously you will fill so much better for doing this. Water helps the body flush out fat and can increase your metabolism efficiency by 30%. It's free too!

Skip. Skipping is great at burning high amounts of calories in a short space of time, it will take a bit of getting used to but stick with it as the benefit far exceed the outlay.

Do your cardio first thing in the morning before your have breakfast. This will get you burning fat for energy. It will also make you feel great for the rest of the day.

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